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Beer drinking has become one of the social experiences to experience in Spain, be it with family, friends, to watch a football game or to go to a concert.
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The craft beer has become one of the most with a positive consumption trend in recent years. In Malaga, this fashion has not gone unnoticed and has promoted the new appearance of local producers for the production of craft beer.

In this list we review the 6 types of craft beers from Malaga with the best flavor and texture.

La Axarca Craft Beer

The La Axarca craft beer is one of the most notorious in the province of Malaga. This is due to his extensive experience in the production and distribution of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Factory (also known as cane honey).

Located in a unique location such as Frigiliana in the Axarquía, it gives its name to this natural beer with an aroma of tropical fruits.

Turon IPA Beer

The turón IPA beer from Malaga is an American-style craft beer, with good body and a mild fruity aroma. It is an unfiltered craft beer from Malaga.

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