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Send them a completely personalized gourmet pack, with the products you choose.

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How to personalize your gourmet pack in our online store

How to personalize your gourmet pack in our online store 


Add your favorite products and check your cart

When you have them all, go to the cart and check that all the products you want are there.

Delivery 48 hours

Free shipping from €40

Payment facilities


I want it as a gift and dedicate it

Check the option “I want it as a gift” and we will put the products in a Málaga Gourmet Experience box with wood shavings and green tissue paper to cover the products.

Write a dedication that we will add to the pack completely free of charge. We will write it by hand with lots of love!

Finally, you must tell us the shipping address and confirm your purchase.

*The shipping price will be calculated depending on the weight and delivery address. If you prefer, you can check the “pick up in store” option.

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