Málaga Dulce

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Malaga's most famous sweet wine: Malaga Dulce from Bodegas Quitapenas. “Quitapenas” means that it takes away your sadness. It is a Pedro Ximénez liquor wine of exceptional quality.  Made from Pedro Ximénez grapes from the northern area of Malaga. It consists of a blend of natural sweet wines which are then oxidised in oak casks for 12 months. You will be captivated by its dark mahogany colour, clean and bright, its aroma of caramel, raisins and dried figs and its sweet and balanced taste. 


It is famous because it is a dessert wine, which combines perfectly with dark chocolate, sponge cakes, pastries, etc. But it is also ideal to accompany strong or spicy cheeses.


750 ml

Grape type

100% Pedro Ximénez

Alcohol level

15% Vol.

Additional information

Weight 1,25 kg