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The Málaga wines protected with the Denomination of Origin “Málaga” and “Sierras de Málaga” are the following:

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With the Málaga Denomination of Origin wines, liqueur wines (between 15% vol. and 22% vol.) and natural sweet wines (more than 22% vol.) made from the grape already overripe with the alcohol coming entirely from fermentation. With the D.O. Sierras de Málaga white, rosé and red wines of less than 15% vol are protected.

Types of wines D.O. Malaga

The wines protected by the Denomination of Origin “Málaga” are classified as:

Liquor wines obtained from the “Pero Ximén” and/or “Moscatel” varieties and in whose elaboration wine alcohol has been added. They have an alcoholic volumetric graduation of between 15% vol. ni and 22% vol.

Naturally Sweet Wines, those wines whose sugar and alcohol content comes exclusively from the grapes with which it is produced and its fermentation by yeasts. In other words, neither a must rich in sugars nor wine alcohol is added during its preparation.

Types of wine “D.O. Sierras de Málaga”

White Wine from Málaga: Pale yellow wines, with varietal and fruity aromas, elegant and clear, with a fruity flavor, fresh with acid tones.

Málaga red wine: Full-bodied, well-structured wines, in which mineral and terrestrial flavors and aromas predominate.

Malaga wine tasting

In our Malaga Gourmet Experience online store we have a wide variety of wines, with a wide range of colors, aromas and flavors. This makes the wines of “Málaga” a wine that invites curiosity, because each different Málaga wine is a new discovery.

There are colors from yellow to black; floral and fruity aromas, in the youngest wines, and complex in the crianza and aged wines. On the palate, flavors ranging from varietals to those typical of very aged wines, and from dry to sweet. Malaga wines for all tastes.

Likewise, Málaga wine is a great ally of Mediterranean cuisine, adding complexity to our dishes.