Oil cakes


It is one of the most famous cakes in the province. Carmen Lupiáñez's oil cake is a typical product of the town of Algarrobo, in the Axarquía region of Malaga. This cake has been made since the time of the Muslims (you can see this in its ingredients) and has many followers in and outside of Malaga.
All the ingredients used are of the highest quality, 100% natural and carefully chosen, giving them a traditional flavour that reminds every native of this area of their home.


Oil cakes can be eaten when you prefer: to start the day, in the middle of the morning or as a snack.


It is a 100% natural product, with no additives, preservatives or colouring agents. It is a healthy product and a good alternative to give to children at snack time.


250 g

Ingredients of the oil cakes

Wheat flour, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, aniseed, cinnamon, almonds and yeast.
It contains gluten and traces of nuts.

Nutrition Facts per 100g

  • Energy 1814,5 Kj / 433 Kcal
  • Fat 20,6 g, of which
  • saturated 3,9 g
  • monounsaturated 12,4 g
  • polyunsaturated 4,3 g
  • Carbohydrates 57,1 g, of which
  • sugars 24,1 g
  • Dietary fibres 1,4 g
  • Protein 4,8 g
  • Salt 0,65 g
  • Vitamin D 0,53 ug
  • Calcium 19,32 mg
  • Iron 0,97 mg
  • Potassium 109,53 mg

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg