Pacharán Liqueur


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Pacharán is a slow brandy liqueur originally from Navarre (Spain) but it has now become one of the most traditional national liqueurs. It is made by soaking sloe fruits with coffee beans and a cinnamon pod in anisette.
The spectacular reddish colour of this handmade Pacharán liqueur from Destilerías el Tajo and its sweet but bitter taste will invite you to repeat.


It is recommended to be taken fresh, between 6 and 8°C. It is best not to add too much ice, as excess water can be unpleasant.
It is ideal to drink after lunch or dinner because of its digestive action and to enjoy its taste and aroma. It can also be drunk to accompany fruit-based desserts.


500 ml

Alcohol level of Pacharán liqueur

25% Vol.

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