Vino tinto Sedella Málaga Gourmet Experience

Sedella Red wine 2017

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The spectacular Sedella Red Wine 2017 is born in the highest vineyards of the Axarquía in Málaga, in the white village of Sedella, at an altitude of 750 metres above sea level. An organic red wine made with Romé and Garnacha grapes from centenary vines and aged between 16 and 20 months in new French oak barrels.

The fantastic location of the vineyards, on slate soil on steep slopes, next to the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains, gives the wine from Sedella its great character and personality.

It has a beautiful deep bluish colour, a high intensity with a violet rim and a dense, tinted tear. The aromas are reminiscent of the natural environment, with notes of iodine, salt and Mediterranean scrubland, fresh and fruity. On the palate, the sensations are smooth, rounded but fresh and pleasant.


Ideal with grilled red meats, cured cheeses and roasts.
Serving temperature: 16-18ºC.


750 ml


Romé and Garnacha

Alcohol level

13.5 % Vol.

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