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Special Valentine’s Day dinner for 2 people

Special Valentine’s Pack

We know that love must be shown throughout the year, but it is also true that a detail on Valentine’s Day can brighten the day of that special person. You will surely be right with this little box of gourmet products that you can enjoy as a couple. Don’t give material things, give shared moments.

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Dinners to surprise your partner

This pack includes:

  • Botani Muscat – Semi-sweet sparkling wine
  • Semi-cured/semi-cured cheese with thyme (450 g)
  • Fig jam with dates
  • Scold bag
  • 2x champagne glasses
  • Card with dedication

*When you buy this gift pack you do NOT need to click on “I want it as a gift”. All gift packs are already specially packaged and include a free dedication card. To write your dedication, use the “Notes” text box that appears in the checkout process.