All about caviar: Types, prices, the best Beluga caviar

Todo sobre el caviar Tipos, precios, el mejor caviar de Beluga

People often feel that caviar is an expensive, prestigious food that they don’t understand. Because of this, many people believe that it is impossible for them due to lack of knowledge.

Most people don’t know about this delicacy because it is difficult to find. It is sold to the highest bidder, and the buyer decides which stores keep it. This makes it a very rare commodity. Consequently, buyers bid high for caviar of the highest quality and in various weights.

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What is caviar

The shortage of caviar is a problem currently facing the industry. Caviar is a delicacy derived from eggs.

Caviar is a fish that requires sturgeon as a source to produce. Due to its inherent characteristics, finding sturgeon is difficult and the demand for caviar increases because of this. By selling sturgeon eggs, sturgeon reproduction has become more complicated. The construction of fish farms has proven to be insufficient to supply the demand of buyers.

Experts believe that the most valuable sturgeon come from the Caspian Sea in the region of Central Asia or Eastern Europe. Furthermore, they believe that Russian or Iranian sturgeons are even rarer than these.

You will be surprised to know that caviar can be red. You may also wonder what red caviar is.

Caviar is usually made from wild-grown salmon or trout. It’s a great option for people interested in trying something new at an affordable price. Due to its reddish color and similarity, caviar is mainly acquired by purchasing salmon or trout caviar.

Types of caviar of different varieties

There are many different types of caviar in the world. People from the Caspian Sea often order caviar from Beluga , Sevruga or Asetra. However, it is difficult to decide which caviar is the best overall. Obviously, all fish come from sturgeon; some have different colors and there is beluga caviar , the largest.

Organic caviar can be found in Spain, is from RioFrío and is considered the highest quality caviar available. No other caviar is organic or farm-grown.

Types of caviar of different varieties

What kind of caviar to buy

Caviar can only be found in the luckiest pockets thanks to its high price. This is because sturgeon produces the Sterlet variety, which is one of the most expensive. Many people find it difficult to get caviar because of this.

Salt makes the roe more flavorful after catching it. Different salting times and salts result in different degrees of packaged roe quality.

High quality salt has less than 5% salt content. It is labeled Malossol and gives the impression of being of lower quality. Salt with high salt content is more than 8% salt content and is called Salting.

Some caviar is pressed until it breaks into small pieces and becomes salty. This high-quality gourmet caviar is known as split pressed caviar and has a stronger flavor than other caviars.

Beluga caviar prices in Spain

Prices vary, of course, depending on each product due to its qualities and preparation.

The prices of the different weights of caviar fluctuate from about 100 euros for about thirty grams to five figures for each kilo. But the price of caviar will also depend on location, brand and other external factors. For example, our Iranian Imperial Caviar costs around €170 per 100 grams while the same amount of Beluga caviar costs almost five hundred euros.

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