Chestnut and brandy cream


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This chestnut and brandy cream is totally handmade. The chestnuts are cooked in syrup flavoured with cinnamon and brandy and finally crushed, achieving a d delicious texture. No artificial colourings, preservatives or additives are added. 


This chestnut cream is ideal for confectionery: chestnut creme caramel, sponge cake fillings, cakes or simply spread on toast to enjoy all its flavour.  It can even be used to make sauces and marinate meats.


275 g

Ingredients of the chestnut and brandy cream

Chestnuts (castanea sativa) , syrup (water and sugar 50% each), cinnamon, brandy and citric acid. Allergen free.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g

  • Energy 911 Kj / 215 Kcal
  • Fat 0.6 g, of which
  • saturated 0.1 g
  • Carbohydrates 51.1 g, of which
  • sugars 43.5 g
  • Proteins 1.2 g
  • Salt 0 g

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