Snacks made in Malaga

Nuts not only have an unmistakable and delicious flavor, but also provide many benefits for our health. Consuming nuts helps us to take care of the health of our heart, at the same time that it takes care of and protects the bones and muscles.

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They help us maintain a healthy weight and provide nutrients that improve the appearance and health of our skin and hair. In addition, they help memory and give us energy.

If we add to all this its incredible flavor, we are facing the perfect snack. But everything can be improved, and if there is something better than nuts, it is nuts from Malaga.

Gourmet nuts from Malaga

In Malaga we have a wide variety of top quality nuts and snacks, we make you a compilation of the best gourmet nuts in the area.

Nuts with honey

When we combine the delicious and sweet flavor of honey with the salty nuts, nothing can go wrong, it is a delicious combination.

Honey with hazelnuts from Malaga is an exquisite product, combining 100% natural honey with top quality hazelnuts. This process is carried out by hand in La Flor de Cómpeta, which translates into a genuine and unique flavor.

Honey with nuts is a delicious snack made in La Flor de Cómpeta. It is the ideal option to combine with yogurt or after a meal.

Lastly, honey with almonds, thanks to its sweet and mild flavor, makes all palates fall in love with its pure honey from bees from Cómpeta together with one of the most nutritious and sweet nuts on the planet, almonds.

Raisins from Malaga online

We couldn’t talk about Malaga nuts without making a stop at Malaga raisins. Málaga muscatel raisins are a product with the Denomination of Origin “Málaga Raisins”, since the 19th century they have enjoyed great international prestige, both for their flavor and their quality.

These raisins are so famous for the muscatel grapes, which provide a different flavor, color and texture from the rest of the raisins. Málaga muscatel raisins are naturally sun-dried after being harvested in the traditional, traditional way.

Malaga raisins are rich in different minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. Therefore, in addition to having an incredible and distinguished flavor, they take care of our health. They are the perfect snack since they do not have added sugars and are completely natural.

Dried mango from Malaga at home

The dehydrated mango is a natural product obtained from Malaga mangoes from Benajarafe. After removing the water using heat in an artisanal way, we preserve all the properties and vitamins of the mango, so typical of Malaga.

In addition to being a delicious snack, it is also a great accompaniment to salads or pastries, there is no dish that does not improve with a little dehydrated mango from Malaga.

At Malaga Gourmet Experience we take care of each of our products in detail to always offer you the best selection of quality products. We mix the tradition and flavor of the south to offer a gastronomic experience that you can live from anywhere in the world in your living room. Buy the best nuts and dehydrated fruit in Malaga online and enjoy all its flavor without leaving home.