Difference between black and blonde beer

Diferencia entre cerveza negra y rubia

In the vast world of beer, two terms we often hear are “dark ale” and “blonde ale.” These two varieties of beer offer very different sensory experiences and each has its own entourage of devoted beer lovers. In this article, we’ll explore the five key differences between stout and lager, as well as the exciting brewing process behind these craft beverages. We will also give you some recommendations for buying your favorite beers online.

What are the Five Differences Between Black and Blonde Beer?

1. Color and Appearance

The most obvious difference between black beer and blonde beer is, without a doubt, its color. Blonde ale is golden, clear and transparent, while stout is dark, often with shades of red or brown, and does not allow you to see through it. This contrast in colors comes from the variety of beans used in its preparation and the roasting time they undergo.

2. Flavor

Flavor is where the distinction between these two types of beer really comes through. Blonde beers tend to be lighter and more refreshing, with smooth, fruity flavors. On the other hand, black beers have a more robust and complex flavor, with notes of toast, chocolate, coffee and often a more pronounced bitterness. Black beers are ideal for those looking for a richer, deeper tasting experience.

3. Ingredients

Another important difference lies in the ingredients used in the preparation. Blonde beers are usually made primarily from pale malts, which have a milder, less roasted flavor. On the other hand, black beers incorporate roasted or caramelized dark malts, which provide the characteristic color and intensely toasted flavor.

4. Alcoholic Graduation

In general, dark beers tend to have a slightly higher alcohol content than blonde beers. This is partly due to dark malts, which can contain more sugars and therefore produce a higher alcohol content during fermentation.

5. Pairing

The differences in flavor and profile make these beers ideal for different occasions and foods. Blonde beers are an excellent choice to accompany light dishes, fish, seafood and salads. Its refreshing character complements the delicate flavors of these foods. On the other hand, black beers are perfect to pair with roast meats, game dishes, strong cheeses and chocolate desserts. Its bold and complex flavor can take on intense flavors and enhance them.

What is the Beer Brewing Process like?

The beer brewing process is an ancient art that combines simple ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast – to create a variety of flavors and styles. Here’s a quick look at how these liquid wonders are made:

What is the Beer Making Process like?


The process begins with barley, which is soaked in water and allowed to germinate. Germination is then stopped by drying the grain in an oven. Depending on the temperature and drying time, different types of malts can be obtained, from pale to dark and toasted.


The malts are ground and mixed with hot water to create a sweet wort. Natural malt enzymes convert starches into fermentable sugars during this stage.


The wort is boiled and hops are added. Hops not only add flavor and aroma to beer, but they also act as a natural preservative.


The wort is cooled and transferred to the fermenter, where the yeast is added. The yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide during this phase.


The beer is aged and aged over a period of time to develop its flavor and clarity.


Carbonation is achieved by adding sugar or carbon dioxide to beer before bottling.


Finally, the beer is bottled and labeled, ready to be enjoyed.

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