Eating skewers in Malaga

Comer espetos en M√°laga

In the city of Malaga, Spain, people enjoy eating skewers.

The people of the Costa del Sol hold in high esteem the skewers that are made on the coast of Malaga and its high quality and flavor is a hallmark of the people of Malaga. And do you want to know where to find the best places to eat these skewers in Malaga? You are ready, aren’t you?

The art of preparing sardine skewers in Malaga is taught from father to son generation after generation. Called the amorgadores, this traditional cooking technique in Malaga has been passed down from generation to generation.

This art requires complex preparation and requires experience to learn the tricks. Even talking about making sardine skewers in Malaga is considered serious business.

What are sardine skewers?

A typical dish of Malaga cuisine is the espeto, which means to skewer or skewer a fish. The fish usually used for this dish are sardines, which are skewered on long, thin wooden rods.

The skewers are spit on hot wood by the beach and cooked in a boat near the coast using sand from the beach as an insulating material. Alternatively, the skewers can also be strung on the back and evenly placed on a stick. With the sardines cooking slowly over the fire, they need to turn the coals so that both sides cook evenly.

You will find the best skewers in Malaga in a traditional beach bar.

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The Espetos Season in Malaga appears every year

It is believed that the best months to enjoy sardine skewers in Malaga are May, June, July and August. This goes against most conventional wisdom; however, it is accurate. The best months for sardine spits are those that do not have the letter R on them.

During specific months of the year, fish meat and other animal products can be of the highest quality and most nutritious. This is because fish and other animals have their own natural reproductive cycles. If you eat fish during these months, you decrease your chances of eating sardines that are inferior in size or taste.

Also, it is imperative to know that fruits and vegetables also have their own natural cycles. This means that the optimal seasons to eat specific products can vary from year to year.

¬ŅQu√© restaurantes ofrecen los mejores espetos en M√°laga ?

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What restaurants offer the best skewers in Malaga?

The coast is the best place to find the best skewers in Malaga. Many places on the coast serve traditional skewers, which makes them distinctive. You should definitely try them if you are interested in trying this regional delight. Therefore, you need to know where you can find the best places to eat in Malaga.

Palo Beach

The beaches are a popular attraction in the Palo neighborhood; hence his walk is popular among young people. When walking through this area, keep in mind the prices and menus of the nearby beach bars. Also, watch how they skewer their meals. A great place to try some saliva is on one of its hills. This place is also cheap and full of enthusiasm.

Pedregalejo Beach

The Malaga promenade is home to a multitude of coves that offer impressive views. This is the result of Pedregalejo being a fishing district in the past. Now, the neighborhood is one of the most popular places in the city.

The area has numerous restaurants and beach bars where you can taste sardine skewers at a very good price. Both in Pedregalejo and in the Palo region, you will find the most affordable pinchos in the beach bars.

For less than 3 euros you can eat a good skewer at the best price and in a unique place. These prices are so attractive because hoteliers use promotions as a means to attract customers and keep them eating at their tables.

Huelin Beach

Next to the Antonio Banderas promenade, this beach does not have as many beach bars as the previous ones. However, its fish is exceptionally fresh and its skewers are not lacking in quality. During the summer season, it is important to make reservations before you go or arrive early to be able to be seated when the beach bars are full. This way you can take advantage of all the delicious food and then enjoy a lazy day at the beach.

Mercy Beach

The proximity to a Russian museum and a car museum make this beach a cultural hotspot. Its gastronomic value is unmatched thanks to the variety of tapas options available on this beach. Most visitors enjoy trying their food while strolling along the promenade or sunbathing in one of the many lounges. While you are here, you can also explore new museums and new skewers in Malaga.

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