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At Málaga Gourmet Experience you can find the highest quality Iberian products in the province of Málaga.

Being totally faithful to tradition, it is possible to produce Iberian products from Málaga 100% Iberian acorn-fed with an exceptional flavor and subtle and elegant notes.
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Why do the acorn-fed Ibericos from Malaga stand out?

The Ibericos available at Málaga Gourmet Experience come from the Rubio Dorado pig, a native breed from La Serranía de Ronda. It is raised in municipalities such as Pujerra, Juzcar and Faraján (Málaga). The relief of these places and the orography full of slopes forces the pigs to exercise during the search for food, favoring the welfare of the animal and the penetration of intramuscular oleic acid. Because of this, pork meat has an unmatched quality.

The chestnut touch

Iberian pigs feed on the three types of acorns that are naturally produced by holm oaks, cork oaks or short oaks and gall oaks on the farms. The mixture of acorns makes the meat stronger and has a more powerful flavor.

For a month, just before the acorn-feeding months, the pigs get their fill of chestnuts. This process makes the meat have a special sweetness and nuances that are different from any other. Mother Nature’s master touch.

Masterly Cured

The curing of the products is carried out in a dryer in Jabugo, with a perfect location and natural conditions for curing the Iberian pig. Sea salt is used and a very strict and individual monitoring of all products is carried out. It is valued when each product is at its point and when they have the optimal flavor. From the origin to the plate, the entire production process of the acorn-fed Ibericos is elaborated in an artisanal way and preserving the essence of this star product in Malaga, Andalusia and Spain in general.

Find 100% acorn-fed Iberico products from Malaga at the Malaga Gourmet Experience, from Iberico ham or Iberico shoulder to Iberico salchichón, chorizo ​​and loin with a soft texture that melts in the mouth and an incomparable flavor. A culinary pleasure within the reach of few!