Buy gourmet cheese from Malaga online

We have the best Málaga goat cheeses at Málaga Gourmet Experience. Artisanal goat cheeses made with traditional techniques totally artisan and 100% goat from Malaga.

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Why are Malaga goat cheeses unique?

The milk used to make our goat cheeses comes from goats that feed on young shoots in the Montes de Málaga, where aromatic grass and Mediterranean grass abound, giving our goat cheeses a unique flavor.

Artisanal goat cheeses from Malaga

The elaboration of the goat cheeses available at Málaga Gourmet Experience follows traditional methods of generations of families from Malaga and, in addition, these goat cheeses are molded by hand, providing a special and unique touch that an ordinary machine would never provide.

These goat cheeses are so natural that even the rind will be eaten.

Its production process in Malaga

The process of elaboration of the goat cheeses begins with the reception of the milk from the Málaga farmers. This milk undergoes an exhaustive microbiological process to verify that it is suitable and to begin with the production of goat cheese. After that, the pasteurization process is carried out, which consists of heating the milk to a temperature between 60 and 90 °C to eliminate microorganisms in it.

After this process, we proceed to the filling of the molds and pressing where the product will remain for a while depending on whether it is a cured, semi-cured or fresh goat cheese. The cured or semi-cured goat cheese will then go to the maturation chamber for between a month or a month and a half, depending on the cheese that is to be obtained. Cured goat cheese usually spends up to a month and a half in the maturation chamber, while semi-cured goat cheese takes approximately 20 days.

After this step the cheese is ready to enjoy. It is cut and packaged to sell it.

The goat from Malaga

The Malaga goat is one of the breeds that provide the most milk in the world. Likewise, this breed stands out for the quality of the milk they produce, since it is a very selective animal that always looks for the most tender buds. This gives exclusive properties to the milk, which is then used to make goat cheese from Malaga.

The special touch of Málaga Gourmet Experience goat cheeses

On our website you can buy unique and special Malaga goat cheeses with very diverse touches, notes of floral and aromatic plants such as rosemary or thyme.

The innovation of our artisan goat cheeses goes further, as we have different goat cheeses such as goat cheese with truffle, goat cheese in extra virgin olive oil, cured goat cheese with rosemary, semi-cured goat cheese with thyme and , even, goat cheese snacks dipped in extra virgin olive oil.