Buy gourmet jams online

At Malaga Gourmet Experience we have selected a wide variety of artisan jams and pure honey under quality criteria.
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Our artisan jams in Malaga

You can find gourmet jams online such as Gin Tonic or Pedro Ximenez jam and fruit jams such as mango and passion fruit jam or red fruit (strawberry and Kiwi, Blackberry).

For its preparation, only the best fruits have been selected, always dealing with natural ingredients and without any type of preservatives or dyes. Directly from the field to the table.

In the production process, 100% artisan techniques are used, in order to obtain all the flavor of our Malaga fruits and enjoy it in our jams throughout the year.

One of the most characteristic jams of our region is the mango jam. The mango is one of the most cultivated fruits in the Axarquía area of ​​Malagueña, which thanks to its climate allows for a quality production of this fruit.

Online pure honey from Malaga

In our online store we have pure honey from the Malaga mountains, from traditional honey such as thyme to others very much from the Malaga area such as avocado honey.

There are very few who know about avocado honey and its properties, since it is a honey that is produced in very few places in Spain, only in Andalusia. It is dark amber in color, intense flavor, sweet with salty touches. A discovery for honey lovers.

Another typical Malaga product is our cane honey made in Frigiliana. This honey stands out for its black color. It is obtained directly from sugar cane. In its production process, the sugar cane is compressed to obtain the juice that will later be cooked, obtaining a product very similar to honey. Cane honey is well known in the gastronomic world to enhance the flavor of many dishes.

In addition to being a very complete food and rich in salts, vitamin B and minerals.

What is propomiel or levantamuertos?

Prohoney is a mixture of pure honey and propolis. In short, it is a natural restorative, antibiotic that strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue. Ideal as a food supplement for those times when we feel more tired and weak, as well as to prevent viral diseases such as colds or flu.

At Malaga Gourmet Experience we have two variants of this product. First of all, the propomiel from the Flor de Cómpeta, which is a mixture of honey, fresh pollen, propolis and fresh royal jelly. Secondly, we have the Levantamuertos Propomiel made from pure bee honey, fresh royal jelly, propolis , fresh pollen and essences of orange and lemon.