Liqueurs from Málaga: gourmet liqueurs and aniseed malagueño

The Málaga liquor store has large and loyal followers, the most distinguished flavors of the province collected in our typical liquors. We discovered the best typical liquors of Malaga.

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Typical liquors in Malaga

As with food, liquors have their own history and tradition. Do you know the typical liquors from the province of Malaga? We tell you everything you need to know about them and how it is better to enjoy their unique flavor, very attentive to our list.

Amaretto Liqueur

The Amaretto liqueur is a typical liqueur from Malaga of Amber in color, with a bitter taste but with sweet and fruity touches, it is one of the most typical of our province.

This liquor is made from apricot kernels and almonds, hence its fruity touch, although this is the base of the liquor, Amaretto has more than fifteen plants and extra fruits to achieve its unique flavor.

It is the perfect option for a good after-dinner meal. We recommend drinking the Amaretto liqueur with ice and just to savor its splendid flavor.

El Tajo Sweet Anise

The El Tajo sweet anise is a liqueur from Malaga with a deliciously sweet and persistent.

This Anise is made in El Tajo, in the Serranía de Ronda, where this famous liquor is obtained, created from the distillation of different herbs and seeds. The ideal digestive to take after meals or to add to infusions giving them a unique and refreshing touch.

Añejo Uribe Rum

The Ron Añejo Uribe typical of the town from Torrox and amber in color, it has a sweet flavor, it is the perfect liquor from Malaga to drink alone with ice.

It is made from sugar cane, so its sweet flavor is ideal for those with a sweet tooth and for any time of the day, a star liquor in celebrations.

Sloe Liqueur

The Sloe Liqueur also known as Pacharán It is one of the most typical liquors nationwide, but the authentic Pacharán from Malaga has an incomparable flavor.

Made from the maceration of sloes that gives it its sweet flavor, it is perfect to drink alone and either hot or cold combined with some infusion.

El Tajo Herbal Liquor

The El Tajo Herbal Liqueur, like Sweet Anise, is produced in El Tajo and is obtained from the mixture of Orujo and aromatic herbs that give it its characteristic greenish color and its strong aroma.

The optimal option to consume it is in a shot glass and after a meal, it is one of the typical liquors that bars offer after a good meal, this is due to its digestive effect.

Liquors made in Malaga

Although in this selection we have chosen the best liqueurs in Málaga, this land is very rich and has a multitude of typical liqueurs from the area. If you want to discover more about these liqueurs, we recommend you try the organic mango cream, made from the famous Malaga mangoes and with an incomparable flavor, or Libo, a Turrón liqueur famous in the center of Malaga especially and with a Christmas flavor that accompanies the most magical time of the year.

Malaga liquor store

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