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Vidueños de Sedella wine 2019

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Sedella wine 2019

The organic white wine Viñuedos de Sedella 2019 is born from white grapes of minority varieties such as Doradilla, Montúa, Calona that are dotted among the steep vineyards of Moscatel de Alejandría.

The location of the vineyards, at an altitude of 750 metres above sea level, in Sedella, and on slate soils, give the wine Viñuedos de Sedella its uniqueness and Mediterranean character.

It is greenish yellow in colour, bright and clean, with a dense tear and medium intensity. It has fruity aromas, such as orange peel and, of course, saline and iodine notes thanks to the Mediterranean influence and the slatey soil. In the mouth it is fresh and smooth, with a long finish and balanced acidity.


A real pleasure to enjoy cool at sunset on a summer evening.
Ideal with starters, salads or fish dishes.

Serving temperature: 16-18ºC


750 ml


Doradilla, Montúa, Calona and Moscatel de Alejandría.

Alcohol level

13 % Vol.

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