Wine tourism in Spain: Malaga province of wine 2023

Turismo enológico en España

Wine tourism or also known as wine tourism is booming and every day more people decide to introduce this type of route in their spare time or on vacation.

Even for those who are not passionate about wine, wine tourism in Spain is a great attraction as an activity to enjoy different moments of disconnection. Without a doubt, this experience is something that you should try at least once in your life and that you will probably repeat once you enjoy it.

Wine tourism, what is it?

Do you know what wine tourism is? Interest in this new form of tourism has not stopped increasing in recent years, becoming a highly demanded and totally fashionable activity.

Wine tourism consists of wine tourism, which entails traveling to places that are highly specialized in the production and elaboration of wine, to fully introduce you to the wineries, the vineyards, the history and the elaboration itself of the wine.

Therefore, wine tourism in Spain goes far beyond just wine, it is accompanied by rural and gastronomic tourism, so the offer of this type of tourism is very wide and represents a very complete experience for all the senses. .

Wine tourism in Spain is mainly intended for travelers who love nature, wine, and disconnection from the city. In Spain, there are a large number of routes focused on wine tourism, so you can choose many options to enjoy it.

Wine tourism routes in Spain: Andalusia idyllic place

Once you know how wine tourism works in Spain, it is interesting to know wine tourism routes in Andalusia, because this community is also very rich in wine tourism.

Andalusia has a wide variety of routes perfect for wine tourism, in addition, it has the perfect climate and gastronomy for it as well. For this reason, if you decide to enjoy an Andalusia wine tourism route, you will not only discover the quality of the area’s wine, you will also be able to enjoy its culture, its rich heritage and even its rich gastronomy.

For example, Huelva is characterized for being a highly specialized province in the field of wine tourism, and there is the Condado de Huelva Wine Route, which has a large number of wineries attached to the route, as well as the walled city and the Castle of fog.

Enoturismo Málaga: paraje insuperable del turismo enológico en España

Enoturismo Málaga: an unbeatable spot for wine tourism in Spain

Wine tourism in Malaga has also gained many points in recent years, completing the extensive tourist offer characteristic of the province. If you are thinking of spending your holidays in the province of Malaga, completing it with a wine tour of wine tourism may be the perfect finishing touch.

For those who seek not to stray too far from the Malaga coast while getting a little into the Sierra de Málaga, Ronda may become the ideal place for it. In this town there are different perfect wineries to enjoy wine tourism in Malaga, making it a perfect getaway for a few days.

Another obligatory stop on the route of wine tourism in Malaga is Ojén, this small town is located just 7km from Marbella and in it is the Wine Museum, installed in the old distillery of Aguardiente or “Pedro Morales” anise.

If you would like to do a tasting of Málaga wines, but not focus your tourist experience 100% on wine tourism, at Málaga Gourmet we have perfect wine tastings for this, we even offer other types of tastings focused on honey and EVOOs.

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